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Headless WordPress

WordPress is worked as a solid stage with a firmly coupled front and backend, making it awkward for engineers who need to make computerized encounters without the limitations of its subject based structure.

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we are always ready to deliver the solution to help your leverage streamlined, transparent and consistent web communication with your clients and partners.

Faster Performance

WordPress sites that are fueled by frontends like Gatsby are unimaginably smooth and responsive, with millisecond load times and prefetched conveyance on the edge.

Improved Security

Static-Webpage Generators, as Gatsby, going about as a frontend for WordPress have no dynamic web servers and no reachable data set, along these lines introducing a more modest assault surface. This approach forestalls malevolent solicitations, DDoS assaults, and inadvertent openness.

Greater Flexibility

Frontends, for example, Gatsby can incorporate WordPress content into complex, association wide sites which might join WordPress happy with content from other CMSs and web administrations.

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  • Security Audit
  • Site Backups
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