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Web Stories are an outwardly rich, full-screen content arrangement for the web, which permit you to tap or swipe through stories. To consume content, you can tap or swipe through Web Stories. Google upholds Web Stories, so you could observe them across Google Search and Find.

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What Are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories takes article content to a higher level by transforming customary reports and blog entries into a vivid and drawing in experience for your crowd.


Why You Need Web Stories on Google

Video has forever been a powerful medium, yet Google Stories give a spellbinding review experience like no other. Making versatile centered content assists you with meeting your interest group where they are and expands your possibilities of commitment. A Google Web Story is likewise a stylish method for sharing your image’s message through profoundly imaginative and inventive versatile video.


Step by step instructions to Make a Great Google Web Story

Each brand has a story to tell, with 1,000,000 distinct ways of telling it. Google Stories, previously AMP Stories, empower you to make content that is true to your image. Observe webstory Google rules to create and upgrade Web Stories for your full potential benefit.

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