A Beginner’s Guide to Activating Maintenance Mode in WordPress



Users widely create and manage websites easily via WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS). However, like any software, it requires regular maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and securely. One way to handle keeping tasks on a WordPress site is to activate maintenance mode.

When you update your website, such as when you update core files, plugins, or themes, the WordPress maintenance mode page automatically displays to website visitors. The purpose of the maintenance mode page is to stop your website from appearing broken when it is actually just getting regular updates.

The page is only supposed to be shown momentarily, but occasionally it remains online longer than it should. Because of this, your website will remain offline for a lot longer than you had anticipated, which can hurt both your brand’s reputation and search engine rating.
The page’s excessive simplicity is another issue that many website owners have with WordPress maintenance mode. Limited messaging on it doesn’t precisely inform your visitors of what’s happening. It includes a small amount of messaging, which doesn’t really inform your visitors of what’s happening or how long the site will be unavailable. There is a technique to address any branding issues.

The details of the WordPress maintenance mode will be covered in this post. We’ll go over frequent user issues, the reasons why and how it occurs, and choices for designing a more aesthetically pleasing maintenance page.

What is Maintenance Mode?

what is maintenance mode

Updates and upkeep tasks perform when a website is temporarily offline via this feature When activated, visitors to the website will see a message indicating that the site is currently under maintenance and will be back online soon. This allows website administrators to make changes to the site without disrupting the user experience. The WordPress core includes this function, which debuted with version 3.0. Visitors are presented with the maintenance mode page and messaging when you update a plugin, theme, or installation. Briefly unavailable due to planned maintenance, the notice states. Come back in a moment. That concludes the page in its entirety. The screenshot below shows that there is nothing else on the website other than a blank space.
A 503 HTTP status code, which means “service unavailable,” is also sent by WordPress while your site is in maintenance mode. This informs the search engine (most likely Google) that you are working on the page or that something went wrong with your website and to check back in a little while. This code is beneficial for SEO because it informs Google that your site is only unavailable momentarily, protecting your rating.

How to Activate Maintenance Mode?

how to activate it?

How to activate it in WordPress? There are several ways to activate it in WordPress. The easiest and most popular way is to use a plugin. There are many free and paid maintenance mode plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository. Some popular options include:

  • WP Maintenance Mode
  • Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
  • Maintenance

Once you’ve activated this plugin, you’ll need to configure it to display the appropriate message while the site is offline. This usually involves creating a custom message and selecting a background image or color.

When to use Maintenance Mode?

You should activate this when you need to make changes to your website that will disrupt the user experience. This could include updating the WordPress core, updating plugins or themes, or performing database maintenance. It is also a good idea to activate it when you are working on a new feature or redesigning your site. You automatically display the WordPress maintenance mode page to visitors for a brief period of time when you make improvements to your website, such as changing plugins, themes, or the core. While fixing files, prevents anything from seeming broken or out of sync. You utilize the coming soon mode when your website is still in development, and you employ maintenance mode when your website is briefly unavailable for maintenance.

These 2 modes are simple to mix up. You may place your website into either a coming soon or maintenance mode using a number of plugins, like SeedProd. You might not be certain of the distinction. It’s crucial to use each mode correctly because picking the incorrect one can lower the SEO rankings of your WordPress website.


This is an important feature for any website that runs on WordPress. It allows website administrators to perform maintenance tasks without disrupting the user experience. By using a plugin and configuring it to display a custom message, you can inform visitors that your site is offline for maintenance and will be back online soon. Regular maintenance is important to keep your WordPress site running smoothly and securely.


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